Wall Sawing

Are you needing horizontal or vertical wall cuts, straight or at angles?  Then wall sawing is the choice option.  Wall sawing allows you to cut clean cuts using handsaws or a mounting boot and track system. Wall sawing creates any size of opening that may be needed on a wall that is bigger than a 14” x 14” opening.  Anything smaller than this will need to be chainsawed unless cut-by is not an issue.

We use a 480 volt high cycle electric wall saw that is capable of cutting through a 26” wide wall from one side with our largest 60” diameter blade.  Our skilled wall saw technicians will be able to cut on the lines you mark out.  Flush-cutting for applications when needed is available.

Concrete Saw and Core can help with selective demolition of your wall sawing projects. Our service areas include Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Kansas.  Contact us for more information on concrete track wall sawing, concrete wall sawing, egress window concrete cutting and concrete foundation concrete cutting.

  • Vertical and horizontal cuts for doorways, windows, footers and more.
  • Fast concrete cutting that helps speed up construction projects
  • Deep cutting for walls or footers up to 26” depth cutting capability from one side.