Core Drilling

Core drilling is a clean, safe and fast way of making a hole through concrete. In case you are needing to test the strength of the concrete through a core sample or just needing a hole opening made. Concrete Saw and Core has provided both hydraulic and electrical core drilling to meet the needs of our customers for 19 years.  From 1” diameter holes to 36” diameter holes, our service can get the job done in a clean, safe, and timely manner.

Our specialized concrete core drilling service provides up to 20” diameter holes to be drilled using a vacuum seal core drill on concrete floor slabs. Using a vacuum stand allows for a core hole to be made without anchoring a drill to the floor and leaving an extra hole when finished. We have high-cycle electric core drills that suction to the floor to allow the drill bit to deliver a clean cut hole as desired. For clean, fast, effective and safe core drilling, contact us now. Our service areas include Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Kansas.

Our core drilling service includes the following to help you with any core drilling need you may have whether outdoors, indoors, open areas or confined spaces.

Core Drilling Options

Hydraulic Core Drilling (attached to our bobcat if needed for large drilling projects)

High-cycle electric core drills

110 volt core drills

Angled core drilling applications capable


(cancer treatment center thick walls)


Extensions for deep drilling

Challenges welcome