Interior Slab Sawing

The use of high cycle equipment along with hydraulic saws gives interior slab sawing an environment that isn’t compromised with fumes or combustibles.  Concrete Saw and Core equipment has the capability to run our high cycle equipment off of our generators or they can be plugged into a 480 volt panel to perform work in the innermost rooms of any building, hospital, warehouse or factory. Our indoor flat saws have the capability of cutting up to 12” depth for slab removal. If in need of slab removal service or just the cutting of interior concrete, Concrete Saw and Core is ready to perform the task at hand.

Concrete interior electric flat sawing, concrete interior electric slab sawing and interior slab sawing often requires demolition and removal of concrete. Concrete Saw and Core offers assistance in removing concrete trenches and slabs at your request.  Contact us for details and to schedule your next slab removal. Our service areas include Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Kansas.