Exterior Flat sawing

Concrete flat sawing is a fast and effective diamond cutting method. Flat saws operate on flat surfaces of concrete or asphalt. Whether your needs are on roads, bridges, bridge decks, parking lots or any other flat surface, Concrete Saw and Core has the ability to assist you with your concrete slab sawing or asphalt floor sawing needs. Our service areas include Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Kansas.


The process of flat sawing involves a blade being mounted onto a walk behind saw which could be run off of diesel, gas or electric 480 volt power. We provide the saw that meets your specific need. For bigger and deeper cutting projects, Concrete Saw and Core uses a diesel flat saw which provides the power to get your challenging jobs accomplished with a 22” cutting depth capability.


Our skilled flat sawing pro cutters have been serving our region for 19 years in flat sawing.  We tailor your needs with our equipment to get jobs done. If the project is remote in the mountains or in the plains, we have the trucks to provide full service water and power to perform wherever your flat sawing project may need.